Membership ensures that each member attains a multitude of income generation channels with uniforeseen accessibility and inimitable efficiency.

For this reason we bring to the ambit of our members a Compensation Success Plan that purveys four distinet yet breaketed forms of incomes. And as alway it all begins with a small step.

Addional AdStaion Earning

Membership is begotten by the purchase of an Adstation for and amount of $100. The AdsStation is called Main AdsStation and validity period of Main AdStation is for 33 weeks i.e. the placement date of Main AdStation will remains active is not stagnant as would be revealed further.

We must keep in mind that each Additional AdStation will cost $100, an amount that remains constant irrespective of the scenario. The validity period of an additional AdStation is for 33 weeks. Now the addition of a new AdStation increases the weekly income as follows: .

Ad stations
Thus for Member holding five AdStations the weekly income for each one of the AdStation is changed to $10. The following illustration described the above mentioned scenario further.
Ad stations

Referral Earning

As and when a Member refers another Member for taking Main AdStation or an Additional AdStation unber his own sponsor receives $10 as Refferral AdStation Income. This process continues so on and forth,

Ad stations